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An Ultimate Guide To Stay Happy Always In 2020

What is happiness

 It is found that real satisfaction is what that 90% comes from inner you.

 And rest 10% comes from outside the world. 

It is a state of your mind and body when you feel good and having no tension and worry about life. Totally satisfy with life.

How to Feel Happy

 Here are some of the best and unique ways according to the modern era. 

So, stay with me for 5 minutes.

1.Complete Small taxes

It is so exciting when you take a minimal charge and fulfil it within some specific time. 

It gives you more confidence, and you get closer to your goal.

When you go to bed every night, take a pen paper and write down what you have to do in next day.

 Make a list of some works and prioritise them according to your wish.

 Wake up the next morning and attack the day. Finish your first work first. 

Take a little bit of energy from that work. And go for the next job.

At the end of your day, you can see a smile on your face. That is real happiness.

2.Exercise daily

You have known what the benefits of the exercise are.

 But you may know another thing that is during exercise our body realises a hormone that is called dopamine.

 This hormone gives mental happiness and peace.

When you and your body is fit, your mind will be working more efficiently.

                           STRONG MIND STRONG LIFE
You can feel that energy in between you when you exercise regularly.

Your mussels will grow up, and you will look stronger.

3. Help Other People

Good wishes of people come to play when you are in trouble.

So, help people who want your help. Besides working for your goal, you can do this. 

Poor and beggars who have nothing donate them some money, clothes, or some food.

4.Dress well

When you dressed well, how you feel like? 

Is not that a few moments that give you pleasure? 

You seem more confident and more professional.

5. Find pleasure in little things

At first, your dream is significant, and you want to happy but during the process, you must handle a lot of problems and obstacles.

 Whatever may be the situation is to find a way to be happy. 

Search happiness in little things you I will be surprised to see that.

6. Always be a workaholic person

Stay busy. When you stay active, your mind is still searching for the solution to that work. 

You have no time for sad feelings. Finish one by one work and be happy in your term.

7. Go somewhere you find peace

A beautiful place can give you satisfaction and a time when you feel relax and enjoy your emolument around you.

8. Be yourself and enjoy your companion

Many people get bored when they become lonely. 

But if you want to be happy you should be with you in a single time.

Enjoy your companion. If you can enjoy yourself, anyone can enjoy yourself with you at that moment.

People Will attract towards you. And focus on self-development always.

  Do you know there is significant research is going on for 75 years in "HARVARD UNIVERSITY" that what is the difference between happy people and sad people?

What is the difference between the men who are happy and who are frustrated in life what

is the fundamental difference between them.

 They are trying to find out who is living a satisfying life and who live frustrated and die frustratedly.

Finally, the conclusion is this who has a good relationship; they stay happy like that who has not so good and the link they live sadly.

be happy always

This is the thing we ignore it often.

Although someone achieves everything in life but has not a good relationship, what can they do for a better experience?

So the question arises on how to become a good and healthy relationship?

 Open your mind always, don't judge people. Don't justify yourself.

If anybody is saying something, you have to listen carefully, understand, and learn from those words.

good relation happy life

If your partner is dishonest sometimes when it requires to lie, he/she lies, instead of making some big issue, think that why he does that. Does he do that due to some causes or not?

If you are in a relationship and you can trust the partner blindly, then it will be a good relationship.

happy life

We can act like two types of happiness. First, let's say if you want to crack any exam if you clear that you will be happy. Otherwise, you will be unhappy.

Another like you want a person if he marries you, you will be happy otherwise suffer.

These works, what are you doing that is for your happiness when it full-filled, then be happy with that. After that again run for some other reason to be satisfied .this is like a struggle life.

How to stay happy always
happy life

Another is understanding deeply who you are, and from that starting point, all will change.

You don't need anything to be happy. You are so glad right now, whatever you do or don't, no matter.

And act from that happiness. Stay 24 hours happy, and if you want to do something, do, and if you have no interest in working, don't do that.

How to stay happy always
happy life

Let assume your parents put some rules on you that you have to wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning,

 eat a little amount of food in the breakfast specific colour of the dress you ware, etc.

Let say they put 10 different physical things to do.


But right now somebody else determines that what should happen within you. Is this not slavery?

Anyone can decide if you are happy or unhappy.

Is this not slavery? Somebody decides if you are a pleasant human being or not, is this not slavery?

What happens when somebody else determines, this is the worst form of slavery.

How to stay happy always
choose joy

Isn't it? It is just that everybody likes that it just seems to be healthy.

 It is not. It is not normal. Just because everybody likes that it is not normal.

 This human being, like around you, will not happen, will never happen 100% the way you want it.

And it should not happen. If you are a student, 60-70 % is happening in the way you want. After you get married, it will be reversed.

The outside will not happen in the way you want, your happiness and your joy fullness will be decided by what are you thinking where are you in the past or in the present.

You get all the things you want from life, but if happiness does not come, on the side, you don't get anything, but you are happy.

 What is better? It is a vast art. How to be happy?

Sometimes people fear to share their happiness with others because people will get jealous of him.

 Some too many people are unhappy; this world doesn't need any unhappy people.

Why we don't understand this thing?

Now our habits are like we can see only problems in the world. We don't see good things within our parents; we know what's they have not in their life.


How to stay happy always
ha ha ha

For this, we are unhappy. We can see what is wrong in society,  but what is going right, we even don't see that.

Our media plays a significant role in these things, only negative and harmful, like that all are wrong.

But if you see the people in your mindset not according to media, you can find out the goodness in people. Every man has a fear factor. All want to be happy.

Let me know what you are going to do to stay happy? Comment below.

Share is caring. Please share with your family and friends, let them know about this valuable article.

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